How to live Alpha Sigma Alpha’s Ritual every day

National Ritual Celebration week is a time to reflect and be grateful for our ritual and how it has guided us over the years. But why not celebrate and pledge to live out our ritual every day? Alpha Sigma Alpha’s ritual provides us values and lessons that can be applied to all points of our lives.

Here are ways some of the ways Alpha Sigma Alpha’s National Headquarters Staff lives out our ritual each day.

“Alpha Sigma Alpha’s ritual calls us to,  ‘give of my best in all undertakings.’ I think of this quote often in all that I do– as executive director for Alpha Sigma Alpha, as a parent and family member, as a volunteer and as a friend.” -Krystal Slivinski, Executive Director

“I do one satisfying activity to fill me with joy. This might be doing Zumba, listening to my favorite song or something simple as in holding the door open for someone.” -Hayley Remmel, Event Coordinator

“Every day, I strive to give freely of myself. Giving of my time, talent and treasure is important to me, and I try to find time each day to give back – whether it’s walking dogs at the shelter, volunteering at a community event or just offering a listening ear to someone who needs it.” – Christy Adams, Director of Collegiate Services

“I live out Alpha Sigma Alpha’s Ritual every day by giving myself to others. I provide a listening ear and comfort to others whenever I can. I strive to create positive and meaningful relationships that bring joy and love to my life.” Lexi Carter, Communications Coordinator

“Each day, I live it by conducting myself in a way that fulfills the values and teachings of Alpha Sigma Alpha. Each day, I talk it by promoting the benefits and meaning of alumnae engagement for members. Each day, I dream it by envisioning how members will continue to learn and grow from Alpha Sigma Alpha in the future. Each day, I work for it by doing my part to make that future become a reality.” Vanessa David, Director of Alumnae Engagement

“I live our ritual by setting high standards for myself in my work and relationships. Every day I strive to move towards the things and people that are most important to me. I welcome challenges and strive to find joy in everyday tasks and conversations.” Kelsey Turner, Director of Communications & Marketing

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