How to find work you love

None of us head into college or a job search with the desire to “settle” and have a job or career in which we lack passion and excitement. However, as Scott Dinsmore explains in this TED Talk, close to 80% of people aren’t currently in a job where they feel passionate and rewarded.

As a young professional getting ready to head back to graduate school that statistic scares me. I want to have a job that gives me a sense of purpose and makes me feel fulfilled, but it seems that the odds are against me.

How can we ensure that we are not a part of this vast majority simply in a job to “build our resume” or “just get by”? Dinsmore lays out three steps which, by merely being intentional about the work that we seek and the way we go about life, lead us to being a part of that 20% of the population who truly loves the work they do.

Aubrey Winn, ΖΖ

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