How to find enjoyment in everyday tasks

It’s easy for us to get wrapped up in our day to day tasks. Whether it’s checking items off the work, home or personal life to-do list, it can seem like you are repeating the same day over and over. Sometimes, we may even start to dread the tasks that are coming our way and think of ways to avoid them. While these daily tasks may seem mundane and boring, I have found that if you can find a way to enjoy your daily tasks, doing them each day becomes easier.

1.Combine the task with something you enjoy
Depending on your environment, combing a daily task with something you genuinely enjoy can put a positive and exciting spin on things. Does listening to music put you in a better mood? Crank those jams AND crank out the items on your to-do list in record time by pressing play on your favorite playlist. Does listening to an audiobook or podcast help you stay relaxed and focused? Try listening to one as you are completing a mindless task that still needs to get done. Whatever it is you enjoy doing, try incorporating it into your daily tasks next time you’re starting to hit a productivity wall.

2. Change your mindset
Instead of starting your day by dreading the tasks ahead of you, start the day by encouraging yourself to get through them. If you start your day negative and have a negative attitude towards the tasks at hand, you are always going to look at them in a less than positive light. Change your mindset. Try to enjoy the tasks you are doing and find your flow in completing them. Focus on why this is a task that is going to benefit yourself or others.

3. Take a break
Sometimes you just need a good old fashioned break from your list. It’s easy to continue to go through the motions and try to get everything checked off as quickly as possible. Sometimes this leaves room for mistakes, resulting in the task taking longer or anger arises when the tasks are not finished exactly when you want them to be. When you find yourself getting frustrated, step away from the computer, laundry basket or paperwork and take some time for yourself. Now, I’m not saying drop everything you are doing for an hour. But take a break for a few minutes. Take a five-minute walk, do some stretching or just sit and relax for a moment. Then, hop right back into it.

4. Appreciate a job well done
Whether you complete the whole to-do list that was looming over your head or you only get through half of it, appreciate a job well done. You showed up and handled the tasks at hand for the day. That is something to be proud of. Give yourself a pat on the back and put the to-do list away until tomorrow.

While enjoying daily tasks may not come easy at first, incorporating these small tactics can lead to you find enjoyment in the small, seemingly mundane things you do everyday.

Lexi Carter, BΘ
Communications Coordinator

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