How new members can help with COB

I have conversations with A LOT of chapters about their continuous open bidding (COB) plans. A common response is the plan to rely on new members to recruit for the chapter. While new members can be a great resource for recruiting, we have to give them what they need to be successful and do it alongside them.

Here are some top tips for how new members can help us with COB.

Use the mind jogger activity

Over the last few weeks, new students have been meeting and getting to know so many people. Let’s help them document it! This mind jogger activity from Phired Up can be used to brainstorm a list of unaffiliated women on campus they know. Add the names and contact information to your ChapterBuilder names list and assign the member as their main contact. This step will help you create, organize and add to your names list.

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Pair them with an experienced member

Pairing new members with experienced members is a great way to help them understand recruitment from the chapter experience. Recruitment teams are an easy way to do this. Strategically divide the chapter into recruitment teams with 4-6 members on each team. This is a great way to divide the responsibility of recruiting new members and supporting one another through it. 

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Make COB a normal part of the sorority

If recruitment and COB efforts haven’t been a regular part of your member experience, now is the time to do it! Regularly discussing recruitment efforts helps growth remain a top priority for the chapter. Use 15-20 minutes at each chapter meeting for recruitment discussions and education activities, like conversation skills. 

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Let new members be themselves

To prevent recruitment burnout, it’s important to fit recruitment into our own lives rather than making ourselves fit recruitment. Instead of planning recruitment event after recruitment event, encourage members to find easy ways to incorporate potential new members into your normal friend activities.

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To learn more about incorporating new members into the chapter’s COB efforts, check out the New Member Recruitment Workshop and connect with your region’s recruitment leader.

Jen Akright, HH
Collegiate Recruitment Coordinator

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