Here’s how you can get 30 minutes of activity in each day

Do you get a workout in every day? Your 30 minutes of activity? If you are like me, you definitely just said to yourself “Definitely not, but I wish I had the time, motivation, energy, etc.” And that’s okay!

It is important as adults to get at least thirty minutes of activity every day. Fitting just thirty minutes of activity into your schedule reduces weight gain/aids in weight loss, aids a good healthy heart, and it releases endorphins which will make you happier and less stressed. Good mental health gives you the platform to make mindful and healthy decisions. You can enjoy your day and tackle upcoming projects, events and to-do list. Those thirty minutes create a snowball of positive energy that gets bigger every day and makes more and more positive changes in your body and life.

Is regular activity part of your daily routine? 

“I have some type of physical activity almost every day. But that doesn’t mean I head to the gym each day. Some days I walk a mile to work or do something simple.” – Elizabeth J.  

“Sometimes. I tend to get out at least 3x per week for something – a jog a walk around the pond a hike. Daily can be a challenge though because of shifting priorities with work volunteering or social events.” – Michelle W.

“As humans we were not built to stand still so I incorporate a hearty amount of movement to keep my blood flowing. Some days are more active than others but I try to build healthy habits to make it easier on myself.” – Nora D.

Now I’m sure you’re thinking “Okay, I get it, I need to get thirty minutes of exercise a day and then I will be a glowing ray of sunshine. But I feel like sometimes I can’t even fit that much into my crazy schedule.” This is an issue that we all face regularly. We have work, school, organizations we’re involved in, kids and family, friends and the list goes on.

You have 1,440 minutes each day.

If you subtract out the recommended eight hours of sleep each night, that brings you down to 960 minutes of waking hours in the day. I know it goes by fast, but you can certainly find thirty of those minutes to set aside for yourself. You deserve it! These thirty minutes do not need to be consecutive, as long as you are getting your heart rate up and body moving.

Here are five activities you can use throughout the day to get moving:

Walk around the block. This can be done first thing in the morning, during your lunch break, or after dinner. Thirty minutes of brisk walking can burn up to one hundred calories!

Ride your bike or roller blade. It is the perfect time of the year to be outside and you’ll be doing the environment a favor, so ride your bike instead of getting in the car to run errands, pick something up at the store, or head to dinner. Worried about where to put your goods? Bring a backpack, tote, or get a fabulous basket for your bike, problem solved.

“I ride my bike almost everyday. I even ride in the winter if it’s not too snowy or icy. I have summer and winter tires for my bike.” – Maria M. 

Take a few minutes and do a rotation of a few popular cardio moves such as jumping jacks, burpees, squats, and butt kicks. Do as many or as few as you have time for, but do an even rotation of each.

“I do at least an hour of cardio at least 4-5 days per week. It’s a lifestyle for my family!” Jennifer V. 

Walk your dog. Don’t have a dog? You can ask to walk your friend’s dog or even volunteer to walk the dogs for your local humane society. Dogs are awesome cardio buddies and just awesome in general so spend some more quality time with a dog and take it on a mini adventure instead of just letting it out into the back yard.

“My dog Baxter ensures that I get some physical activity every day! We walk for at least an hour everyday and jog three times a week.” – Dina L. 

Dance it out! Put on your favorite tunes and let loose. Nothing feels better than turning a guilty pleasure way up and letting yourself sing and dance like there is no tomorrow!

So whether you take three 10 minute periods for yourself or rock it all out in one thirty minute session, you can certainly get moving!

What challenges have you overcome to get moving every day?

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