Get this: joining an alumnae chapter IS for you

Nikkia Young, ΘΒ, district 4 communications liaison

As hard as it might be to imagine with the winter we have all been going through, spring is coming. With spring comes finals and graduation.

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Okay, now as most of your professors and advisors have probably told you to do numerous times, we also want you to think about the future.

You may be moving back home for a bit, moving out to a new city or state and starting a whole new chapter in your life. As so many things will adjust and change in your life, so will your membership in Alpha Sigma Alpha.

Alumnae membership provides you with a good support system, networking in a new place and a way to get out and get to know your new home! There are different ways to apply your membership as an alumna based on what you are looking for.

Do you want to keep your network of sisters socially?

One of the many great things about being in an alumnae chapter or association is that there is a wide age range of women that all love Alpha Sigma Alpha and share the values that you know and love. Alumnae chapters and associations give a new life to membership while continuing to provide intellectual, physical, social and spiritual development opportunities.

If there is not a chapter or association near you; you can either have a group that gets together once every few weeks or begin recruiting members in your area to start a new chapter/association. If you are job searching or considering moving to a new geographic location, contact the alumnae groups in that area.

Many of the alumnae groups have a Facebook or Twitter and will be happy to connect you to someone or provide advice. Also, being in an alumnae chapter helps you stay connected to your district and the national organization.

Find an alumnae chapter or association near you!

Alpha Sigma Alpha is not just for four years, it is for life! So do not forget that there is Alpha Sigma Alpha after college and get connected with a chapter or association.

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