Five tips for repaying your student loans like a boss

I don’t know about you, but one of the absolute last things on my mind during college was racking up thousands of dollars of student loans. Yes, I knew they were there, but they almost seemed to be mythical and something I would not have to think about for years.

Next thing I knew, , I was caught up in the excitement of my last semester. Between senior send-offs, the last Greek Week, the ever-present symptoms of senioritis and graduation I was in a whirlwind of emotions and excitement. Then I got an email reminding me that those far-away loans payments were arriving and wanted attention. It was time to tackle those loans and make a plan.

If you have no idea where to even begin, or just want a few great tips, The Financial Diet is a great starting point. In this blog post, Lauren Ver Hage breaks down a few simple ways to keep your student loans from being completely overwhelming.

Whether you’re a first semester freshman or several years out of school, it’s never too early to start thinking about your loans and the best way for you to responsibly plan for them! If you are looking for other resources check out

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