ASA_logoBrand identity guidelines have been developed as a foundation for generating brand awareness and recognition for Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority. 


Extensive primary and secondary research, in combination with strategic planning efforts, have gone into creating the look and feel that is to be associated with the Alpha Sigma Alpha brand. These guidelines are the primary reference tool by sorority members and vendors for establishing a cohesive visual message about Alpha Sigma Alpha. The guidelines will aid in developing effective and aesthetically pleasing communications that properly represent the Alpha Sigma Alpha organization and membership.

The brand essence of Alpha Sigma Alpha is: Elevate the influence of women in the world.

All members that create communication materials for Alpha Sigma Alpha, whether they are social media tools, such as Facebook pages or customized Twitter profiles, or printed materials, such as brochures or signs, must follow the brand guidelines for Alpha Sigma Alpha.

Alpha Sigma Alpha licensed vendors must follow these same guidelines when creating Alpha Sigma Alpha merchandise.

Resources to preserve and maintain our brand