As Alpha Sigma Alphas, we all prioritize the importance of intellectual development as one of our four aims. Enter the Alpha Sigma Alpha Alumnae Book Club on Facebook. This group is a space for members to connect through a shared passion for reading. Each month, Alpha Sigma Alpha announces a selected reading, ranging from popular fiction to self-care to professional development, and then hosts a “live” book discussion on the second Wednesday of the month at 8 p.m. ET.

This creative endeavor fuels the strategic plan by developing intellectual women and lifelong learners in an online forum, allowing for participation from members across the globe. Within days of the announcement of the book club, our members flocked to the group page and quickly engaged in conversation around their favorite genres, preferred delivery method (Libby and Audible got quite a few shout-outs) and recommendations for future book club selections. Photos were shared of that month’s book arriving in the mail, creative locations where women were fitting in a few moments to read and the dreaded wait list notification. Women were celebrating their intellectual growth in a new, affirming way. As these same women take the lessons learned from that month’s reading and share with others, they each contribute to the advancement of the strategic plan—all while enjoying a good read.

To learn more about the upcoming selections and join in the fun, visit the AΣA Book Club Facebook Group

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