Did you know this? Founders’ Day edition

By the time new members in Alpha Sigma Alpha experience the Sanctuary Degree Service, they can rattle off the names of the five Founders of our organization in a heartbeat. Many may even have a favorite.

Beyond their names…and where they attended college, there is only so much about our Founders that is known by our membership. With the Interactive Timeline, you can browse through the history of Alpha Sigma Alpha and get to know our historical moments, Founders and more!

As a big fan of trivia nights and a frequent visitor of Sporcle.com, it thrills me to learn new facts about the five women who made the opportunities of today possible for each of us.

Did you know…

  • Mary Williamson Hundley was known as “May” by her sisters and friends?
  • Virginia Boyd Noell was known as “Jinks” by her sisters and friends?
  • Juliette Hundley Gilliam is first cousins to Virginia Boyd Noell, but is NOT related to Mary Williamson Hundley?
  • Juliette’s father, Judge George Jefferson Hundley, assisted Alpha Sigma Alpha in obtaining a charter from the Commonwealth of Virginia
  • The identity of our Founders was unknown until Wilma Wilson Sharp researched and investigated who they were after she was elected national president in 1930?
  • Virginia Boyd Noell was the first chapter president of Alpha Chapter?
  • All five Founders became teachers after attending Longwood University…then the State Female Normal School of Virginia
  • The original
    • colors of Alpha Sigma Alpha were crimson and silver?
    • flower of Alpha Sigma Alpha was the white carnation?
    • badge of Alpha Sigma Alpha was a black shield with “AΣA” and a star scripted in gold on it with a crown atop the shield?
  • Virginia Boyd Noell would sing “Blest Be the Tie That Binds” during each chapter business meeting?
  • Louise Cox Carper lived the longest of the Founders, passing away in 1971 at the age of 85?
  • Four of the five Founders attended the “Golden Anniversary Convention” in Roanoke, VA in 1952?
    • Calva Watson Wootton was unable to attend due to a previous engagement
  • The first chant of Alpha Sigma Alpha was,
    Chickalaca! Chickalaca!  
    Razzle! Dazzle! Dalpha!  
    Boomalaca! Boomalaca!  
    Alpha Sigma! Alpha Sigma!   
    Alpha Sigma Alpha!   
    Rah! Rah!

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