Creating a personal social responsibility plan

One of my favorite television shows to watch is the ABC show “Shark Tank.” It is a reality show that features a panel of “self-made millionaires and business experts” who hear pitches from real entrepreneurs and decide whether or not they want to invest their own money into people’s businesses.

I have been watching this show for several years now, and I have noticed that more and more people are pitching products and businesses that are about more than just making money or providing a service. These people have a story and a noble cause behind what they do. Whether it be a skincare line that only uses natural and organically-sourced ingredients or a t-shirt company that provides a school uniform to a child in need for every shirt sold, there is a greater purpose and narrative to their brand.

The idea of being socially-responsible is becoming more of a necessity in our culture in companies and as individuals. This article highlights some socially responsible companies and helps guide you through how to identify your own “personal social responsibility” program and learn how to integrate it into your life.

Jordan Huntze Walker, BΛ


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