My Membership…My Commitment

All collegiate members of Alpha Sigma Alpha have certain obligations of membership. 


  • Attend business meetings
  • Participate in ritual services
  • Recruit new members
  • Participate in chapter service and charitable giving projects
  • Utilize the national application tool to maintain records of service and charitable giving hours
  • Participate in the national membership education program

Participation (attendance guidelines) is determined by the chapter standards board and agreed upon by the entire chapter.


  • Maintain at least a term and cumulative 2.5 average (on a 4.0 scale) or the scholastic average required for graduation on campus, whichever is higher
  • If a chapter’s GPA requirement for good standing is higher than a 2.5, the expectation is that the higher GPA is followed (chapters are encouraged to increase this minimum expectation in their chapter bylaws)


  • Know and adhere to all national and local bylaws and policies
  • Agree to follow the National Claim & Dispute Resolution Plan


  • Promptly meet all financial obligations to the national organization, the local chapter and the local housing corporation if applicable.


  • Be involved in all stages of your life and continue the commitments outlined in MY ALUMNA MEMBERSHIP…MY COMMITMENT
  • Live by Alpha Sigma Alpha’s eight core values: balance, generosity, growth, integrity, learning, relationships, responsibility, enjoyment
  • Positively promote the women and sisterhood of Alpha Sigma Alpha in all endeavors

 A member of Alpha Sigma Alpha should maintain high standards at all times according to our national ritual, values, policies, aims and creed.