Our Collegiate Chapter…Our Commitment

These commitments are a reflection of the promise of loyalty made by you, your chapter’s members and your chapter’s founders. Alpha Sigma Alpha is your Sorority, each member’s Sorority. Along with the benefits of membership comes the responsibility to keep it strong. It is your role, your responsibility and your commitment to be an energizing influence in the future of your chapter and Alpha Sigma Alpha.

Below are the commitments our chapters strive towards.


  • Achieve established recruitment targets
  • Utilize recruitment names list and recruitment teams
  • Follow a written year-round recruitment plan which includes provisions for the campus recruitment style and continuous recruitment
  • Have at least an 85 percent retention rate for new members pledged to members initiated
  • Have core membership of 40 members, or one more than the campus average, whichever is greater
  • Follow the National Membership Selection Procedure


  • Maintain a chapter term GPA of at least a 2.75 on a 4.0 scale. Follow a written scholarship plan that includes components for recognition, assistance and accountability
  • Follow the expectations as outlined in the national bylaws for academic requirements for offering invitations to membership and the initiation of new members


  • Prepare and submit an annual chapter budget and enter it into the on-line chapter financial management tool
  • Utilize the on-line chapter financial management tool for chapter invoicing and paying chapter bills
  • Let members know when they are more than 30 days in arrears without a promissory note
  • Participate in the national savings program
  • Pay all accounts receivables to the national organization so that they are no more than 30 days past due
  • Promptly meet all financial obligations to any outside vendors
  • Follow the procedure for holding members accountable for delinquent dues and fees
  • Use only approved vendors for chapter services
  • Safeguard against conflicts of interests and remind members they may not receive gifts/compensation in exchange for the chapter’s business


  • Follow the national membership program
  • Prohibit any type of hazing or other inappropriate activities and promote hazing prevention education
  • Submit all information and associated fees pertaining to new members in accordance with national procedures with attention to timeliness and detail
  • Take the national membership examination annually


  • Communicate regularly with region volunteers and utilize national resources
  • Review chapter bylaws annually and update them so that they are congruent with national bylaws
  • Use the Standards Resolution Procedure to hold members accountable
  • Adhere to the election procedure as outlined in the Collegiate Officers’ Handbook and conduct officer transition
  • Submit the annual report and award applications for all individual and chapter awards
  • Submit the Chapter Information Report each fall and spring
  • Set written chapter goals with dates for completion
  • Maintain a chapter reporting efficiency of at least 80 percent


  • Contribute annually to the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation
  • Promote good relations with the university and surrounding community
  • Participate in at least two charitable giving programs a year
  • Participate in at least two service experiences a year
  • Support our philanthropic partners through service or charitable giving
  • Participate in service events for D.O.T. Days annually


  • Send a minimum of one delegate and advisor to the national convention & leadership conference
  • Send a delegation to the Emma Coleman Frost Leadership Development Institute
  • Send a delegation to regional leadership events
  • Send at least one advisor to advisor training
  • Send chapter representative(s) to additional national and/or regional educational programs


  • Follow and respect the Ritual of Alpha Sigma Alpha
  • Keep ritual equipment in a safe and secure place, and keep it clean and in good condition
  • Make the Ritual of Alpha Sigma Alpha available to initiated members for private reflection and review
  • Perform the Consecration Service at first business meeting of the school year
  • Maintain the dignity of our ritual by wearing proper attire


  • Promote good relationships within the campus and local communities
  • Participate in and promote the college Panhellenic association and/or fraternal council
  • Adhere to the Unanimous Agreements and policies of the National Panhellenic Conference
  • Meet with the fraternity/sorority advisor or university administrator at least once a term
  • Promote positive parent relations and communicate with parents of members at least once a term
  • Create and execute an annual public relations plan that includes, but is not limited to, an active social media presence, submission of articles and photos to the national organization, a chapter website and newsletter distribution to alumnae, parents and other appropriate audiences
  • Uphold and follow the Alpha Sigma Alpha brand standards and only utilize licensed vendors for purchasing merchandise with Alpha Sigma Alpha trademarks


  • Adhere to Alpha Sigma Alpha national bylaws, policies and procedures
  • Educate chapter members annually on national bylaws, policies and procedures
  • Conduct a risk management program each term
  • Make proper preparation for visits from Sorority staff and volunteers and support their needs while visiting


  • Have a trained advisory board that includes the chapter advisor, membership education advisor, membership commitment advisor, recruitment advisor, finance advisor and social responsibility advisor. Facilitate communication between the region volunteers and advisory board and housing corporation and utilize national resources
  • Have a minimum of one advisor attend all executive board, standards board and chapter business meetings
  • Have a housing corporation (if applicable) that communicates with volunteers and national headquarters staff


  • Communicate with chapter alumnae at least twice per year
  • Have an annual planned event with local alumnae
  • Educate members on lifetime membership
  • Contribute financially to the Sorority and Foundation
  • Provide the opportunity for eligible women to become initiated as alumnae members of Alpha Sigma Alpha

Approved by the National Council 6/94, Revised 6/96, Revised 6/02, Revised 2/04, Revised 1/06, Revised 2/08, Revised 2/10, Revised 2/12, Revised 2/14, Revised 1/16, Revised 1/18, Revised 1/20