How to reengage with your collegiate chapter

As an alumna member of Alpha Sigma Alpha, it can be easy to lose touch with your collegiate chapter over time. With developing a career, starting a family and other life responsibilities, it can be difficult to find time for […]

May 31, 2019
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How to engage your alumnae membership

When was the last time your chapter communicated with its alumnae members? Chapters of Alpha Sigma Alpha are founded in the hard work, dedication and memories that both collegiate and alumnae members have contributed since the chapter’s beginnings. Whether a […]

May 30, 2019
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AΣA Night Out coming May 16, 2019

Alpha Sigma Alpha is excited to offer the fourth annual AΣA Night Out on Thursday, May 16. The idea is simple – grab a few sisters and go do something fun! The possibilities are endless: grab a drink, go to […]

April 11, 2019
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How to make friends in a new city

Remember how easy is was to make friends as a kid? Up until adulthood, you are constantly put into communities where it is easy to make friend. Between classes, sports, extra curriculars and residents’ halls – you have an automatic […]

January 29, 2019
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Identifying an unhealthy relationship

College is a time when everyone is trying new things out. Whether that’s trying sushi for the first time, experimenting with your sexuality, or just dating different types of people, it’s a great time in your life to understand your […]

November 27, 2018
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What is sexual assault?

Sexual assault isn’t always a clearly defined term and can often sound vague to most people. The U.S. Department of Justice defines sexual assault as “any type of sexual contact or behavior that occurs without the explicit consent of the […]

April 27, 2018
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