Changing Up Recruitment!

Throughout the years, sorority women have had a certain routine when it comes to recruitment. Past vice presidents of public relations and recruitment follow the same directions when it comes to preparing for recruitment, how each set looks and even […]

August 9, 2022
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A Story of Belonging

Like most first, taking your first step into college is an exciting, but scary experience. At first, you think about all the possibilities in store, but then the dread of actually being alone and independent sets in. Activities for the […]

June 6, 2022
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6 Ways to Make Recruitment EASIER

Let’s face it, recruitment is a beast that a select few have the courage to conduct. From big-ticket priorities like teaching conversation skills to your chapter members to small things like figuring out what the latest trends are to appeal […]

April 1, 2022
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AΣA Night Out coming May 19, 2022

Alpha Sigma Alpha is excited to offer the annual AΣA Night Out on Thursday, May 19. The idea is simple – grab a few sisters and go do something fun! The possibilities are endless: grab a drink, go to a […]

February 9, 2022
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Building Your Names List Using Social Media

Every single semester I was asked to provide names of potential new members that could be invited to our COB events. The older I got, the harder it was for me to find names to give! I knew that I […]

January 25, 2022
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Three Hundred and Seventy-nine Leaders

In the last three months, I have had the opportunity to work with nine chapters, one hundred and sixty-two officers and three hundred and seventy-nine sisters. Connecting with chapters on the east coast, in the south, in the midwest and […]

January 12, 2022
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