Brilliance in career basics: integrity

Integrity is a core value of Alpha Sigma Alpha that is applicable and necessary throughout our lives. In this article and its corresponding video, Rory Vaden talks about his book Take the Stairs and he discusses the concept of integrity.

Mr. Vaden states that we must think it, speak it, act it out and it will happen. This speaks right to the 1916 issue of the Phoenix Magazine – “Live it, talk it, dream it, work for it.”

Mr. Vaden also touches on his favorite principle, faith, as discussed in his book. We must all have faith so that when we are faced with hardships we anticipate that there is only something greater to follow. As one of our four aims is spiritual, we are responsible for keeping the faith in all aspects of our lives.

Next time, remember to take the stairs instead of the escalator to build brilliance in the basics. It will certainly pay off in the long run, even if it is challenging in the short term.

Katy Baird Gates, ΘΛ

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