Through the Janice Adams Member Assistance Fund, the Foundation is able to provide financial assistance to Alpha Sigma Alpha members* who are aged, disabled or are experiencing an unforeseen financial emergency. Applications are accepted year round.

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Assistance may be provided either on an emergency basis when a single grant ($1,000 maximum) is given or on a continuing basis in the form of a small monthly stipend ($100/month maximum) for 12 consecutive months. These grants are renewable but must be reviewed annually.

A recipient may qualify for help, for example, if she or an immediate family member incurs major medical, surgical or hospital expenses, needs special equipment such as a wheelchair, orthopedic mattress, or other equipment, requires special services from a visiting nurse or therapist, or lives in a nursing or retirement home with extremely limited income.

Funds are also available for Alpha Sigma Alpha members and their families who are victims of disasters such as floods, tornadoes, or fires.

When funding is available, assistance is given using the following guidelines:

  • Any Alpha Sigma Alpha member desiring aid must apply to the Foundation explaining her need and financial situation. All such communication will be kept strictly confidential.
  • The Foundation will investigate as necessary to assure the validity of the application, and may require documentation such as statements by doctors, dentists, or others familiar with the problem, copies of current bills or receipts, etc.
  • A Foundation committee will recommend valid applications to the Foundation Board of Trustees for a final decision.
  • Donors to this fund cannot designate their gifts to any one individual.
  • *Foundation Board of Trustees, Foundation staff and members of their families are not eligible for this fund

Past fund recipients and their story

Claudia Briggs Sweger, BΓ

Claudia had her life turned upside down after a fire destroyed her family home. While working to finalize the insurance claim, this left her 8 year old triplet sons and husband, a disabled veteran (Claudia is his full time appointed caregiver) staying with a friend in a one bedroom guest house.

When she found out she would be receiving relief through the Janice Adams Member Assistance Fund, Claudia shared that

“This is possible due to sisters informing me of the incredible Janice Adams Fund. They were going to write on my behalf, but I decided after receiving their love and support to submit the application. I am so thankful for the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation.”

Joyce Hug Stallbaumber, EE

Joyce was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) two years ago. Since her diagnosis she has had to rely on a walker and was recovering from a broken leg due to a fall. Her once easy to do daily activities became a challenge due to the lack of resources to meet her needs.

The Janice Adams Member Assistance Fund provided Joyce and her family money to be put towards future renovations of a wheelchair ramp, as well as bathroom renovations.

Several sisters, who submitted the application on Joyce’s behalf, told us

“When we think of Joyce, we think of her fun, loving and caring personality. We can’t help but remember her running on the basketball court or her hugs or the way she was always there to hold our hands.”

These same women symbolize true sisterhood as they have set up an account to aide Joyce with receiving all of her needs.

Mackenzie Leochner, BΣ

Early in the morning on Jan. 5, 2015, Mackenzie’s house caught on fire and burned to the ground. Almost nothing could be salvaged and her family was left with the only option to completely rebuild. Both her parents lost their vehicles but thankfully every person and pet made it out alive. Her dad suffered from 2nd degree burns, but other than that everyone is just thankful to have escaped.

Beta Sigma Chapter President Madison Bryant submitted the application on Mackenzie’s behalf and said,

“Mackenzie and her family are not the type of family to ask for anything. They have only asked for prayers this entire time. I thought that by applying for this fund for them it would be one less thing they had to think about.”