Our members inspire us to continue the pursuit of our mission. The work of the Foundation affects multiple groups of members, organizations and opportunities. As a donor, you experience unique benefits of giving to the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation too.

  • You are giving back part of what was given to you
Many members have shared with us that their success is due, at least in part, to someone taking an interest and helping provide an opportunity for growth. Your support to the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation helps provide similar opportunities to women across the country.
  • You are involved in moving Alpha Sigma Alpha forward
Would any of us be who we are today if it were not for our sorority experiences? Alpha Sigma Alpha has the potential to provide a unique experience to many women, but we need your help as we continue to shape an exciting future.
  • Your gift is combined with the gifts of others to make a big impact
Donating to the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation gives each of us the opportunity to put our resources together so that we can really create change.  Individual gifts make a big difference, but when those gifts are combined with gifts from hundreds of other sisters, the difference we make together is outstanding.
  • You help women in need
Women across the country are facing difficulties. Whether from the costs of rising tuition or the loss of a job, a career change or the addition of a child with special needs – the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation is there with your gifts to help.
Outside of these incredible benefits, the Foundation is also motivated by the success stories of the programs and opportunities that are currently funded by Foundation’s grants and donations.