Each year collegiate chapters donate thousands of dollars to the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation, Special Olympics, Girls on the Run and local charitable organizations. Chapters should route all donations to Special Olympics and Girls on the Run through the Foundation using the Chapter Donation Form. Donations to local chapters/councils of Special Olympics and Girls on the Run may also be routed through the Foundation.

RISE: Raising money to Inspire, Support and Elevate women

In 2020, the Foundation announced a new collegiate chapter fundraising initiative called RISE: Raising money to Inspire, Support and Elevate women. This new initiative provides chapters with options to select for their RISE fundraiser including two signature fundraisers.

What does RISE benefit?
Money raised through RISE benefits the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation, 501 C3 tax deductible organization. The Foundation utilizes these donations to fund programs including mental health, leadership, diversity, equity & inclusion and many other topics. The Foundation also supports sisters through academic scholarships and grants providing assistance for those in a crisis.

Chapters receive support for their RISE fundraiser through the help of Foundation Alumnae Ambassadors and Trustees. These volunteers will help service and giving chairman as the chapter selects a fundraising option, plans the fundraiser and makes their donation to the Foundation.

All chapters need to complete their RISE fundraiser by April 1 of each academic year. The fundraiser can be held at any point in the academic year prior to April 1.

Chapters will be recognized for their fundraising efforts on social media and the Foundation website. The top three chapters that raise the most money per member will also select a reward from a menu of options.

More information on RISE can be found on Officer Portal in the Document Library under Service and Charitable Giving Resources.

Please contact Suzanne Jones, director of development, if you have additional questions related to RISE or your collegiate chapter contributions.

The following chapters participated in the inaugural year (2020-21):

Alpha Beta
Beta Beta
Zeta Zeta
Eta Eta
Nu Nu
Tau Tau
Beta Lambda
Gamma Clio
Beta Nu
Beta Rho
Beta Sigma
Beta Upsilon
Gamma Zeta
Gamma Iota
Gamma Phi
Gamma Omega
Delta Gamma
Delta Eta
Delta Iota
Delta Kappa
Epsilon Tau
Epsilon Upsilon
Epsilon Phi
Zeta Alpha
Zeta Eta
Zeta Theta
Zeta Lambda
Zeta Omicron
Zeta Rho
Zeta Tau
Zeta Upsilon
Zeta Phi
Theta Beta
Theta Gamma
Theta Zeta
Theta Lambda
Theta Mu
Theta Omicron
Theta Tau
Theta Upsilon
Theta Omega
Iota Alpha
Gamma Chi
Iota Eta

The top three fundraising chapters (calculated as amount raised per collegiate member) for 2020-21 were:

  1. Zeta Alpha Chapter- Southwestern Missouri State University, who raised more than $80 per collegiate member!
  2. Nu Nu Chapter- Drexel University, PA
  3. Theta Tau Chapter- Capital University, OH