The art of meaningful conversations

When you’re talking to another person, are you present? Are you engaging in a meaningful conversation?

As Alpha Sigma Alpha women, we strive to be women of poise and purpose, but often times we can lose our feeling of purpose in relationships when we stop having meaningful conversations. We get caught up in the busyness of our daily lives. We forget to engage in conversations, actively listen to our friends and process the contents of what is being said.

I’m guilty of it. I find myself getting stuck in the same pattern of questions when I get together with a friend. I get absorbed into my iPhone and find myself distracted from the person in front of me. I don’t listen to understand and the conversation loses authenticity. Every so often I have to pause to reflect. I actively decide to realign my communication to be more genuine and meaningful. I decide to live with more purpose in my conversations.

Dive deeper into these TED Talks about meaningful conversations. I challenge you to learn something new, incorporate it into your life this quarter and aspire higher to have more purpose in your communication.


Tess Tedrick, ΘΓ

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