Workshop #1: Six Areas of Goal Setting

In our kickoff to the virtual learning component of Alpha Sigma Alpha’s Women’s Advancement Series, Julie Kratz, career and leadership coach and trainer, will share six key areas to setting personal and professional goals for women in leadership. In this interactive online workshop, she will lead discussions around the areas of authenticity, confidence, your plan, connecting with purpose, asking for it, and leading with influence. You will walk away with tangible goals and your very own Career Game Plan that you can activate in your career.

Learn more about Julie and Pivot Point.

Workshop #2: Responsibility

What does it mean to be responsible in a society that is rife with blame? In today’s culture, families, politicians, the media and even institutions point the finger at each other about what is “wrong” and where to place blame. Taking responsibility for our own lives and happiness takes something in the midst of this society.

In this virtual learning workshop, attendees will learn how to take responsibility instead of letting the actions of other people negatively impact them. This issue is the most powerful and transformative concept one can learn. When personal responsibility is accepted, the way you look at your life, your challenges and the people around you will change. Join Alpha Sigma Alpha staff and workshop facilitator Tracy Maxwell to discuss the core value of responsibility.


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