Alumnae membership education is encouraged for every alumna in any stage of life. The format of alumnae membership education is a quarterly newsletter that will be distributed through email. Each newsletter will contain links to articles and videos corresponding to Alpha Sigma Alpha’s core values and aims.

Alumnae will have the opportunity to review the content and complete reflection questions individually. After personal reflection, discussion with others is encouraged through opportunities such as:

  • one-on-one conversations
  • alumnae chapter meetings
  • comments on Alpha Sigma Alpha’s blog

Each quarterly newsletter will also invite alumnae to participate in a challenge centered on one of Alpha Sigma Alpha’s aims. The optional challenges will be a call to action for alumnae to live out the mission of Alpha Sigma Alpha of emphasizing balance among our four aims of intellectual, physical, social and spiritual development in their everyday lives.

Summer 2017 Alumnae Membership Education Newsletter

Spring 2017 Alumnae Membership Education Newsletter

Fall 2017: Social Aim Challenge

Read the blog intro by Tess Tedrick on “the art of meaningful conversation”. Your challenge is to select one idea from the playlist of TedTalks to incorporate into your daily life this quarter. Submit this form by Jan. 26, 2018 to be entered in the challenge drawing.
  • Where did you succeed? Where did you fail? Why do you feel having meaningful conversations is beneficial? How will you hold yourself accountable?