Volunteer Evaluation Process

Each year, it will be expected that all Alpha Sigma Alpha volunteers complete the evaluation process. Your feedback and insight about your volunteer position, experience and needs are necessary in our efforts to provide you with all the training, resources and support to make your volunteer experience the best it can be.

Our volunteer evaluation is a four-step process:

      1. Volunteer Self-Evaluation: Each national team member and team leader will complete the self-evaluation. It takes between 15-20 minutes and covers topics such as volunteer support systems, trainings, resources and overall volunteer experience. This form will be submitted as early as possible.
      2. Volunteer Annual Evaluation – Supervising Volunteer (Form 1): This form will only be filled out by your team leader for each of her team members. It mirrors the questions in the self-evaluation. These forms will be submitted as early as possible.
        Supervising Volunteer Evaluation
      3. Conversation: After both the Self-Evaluation and Volunteer Annual Evaluation -Supervising Volunteer (Form 1) are submitted, the supervising volunteer will receive both forms and schedule a one on one conversation with each volunteer that they oversee. This conversation will cover any issues, achievements or discrepancies between the first two forms.
      4. Volunteer Post Evaluation: This post evaluation referred to as the Annual Evaluation -Supervising Volunteer (Form 2) will be filled out by team leaders for each completed conversation. It will contain a brief synopsis of the topics covered in the conversation and any conclusions reached.