Women’s Advancement Webinar Series

Alpha Sigma Alpha is looking for stimulating webinar session topics and dynamic presenters for the Women’s Advancement Series.

Alpha Sigma Alpha’s Women’s Advancement Series provides alumnae members with different opportunities to continue their development as women of poise and purpose. Do you have expertise in an area of personal or professional development? Do you have a specific passion that you would like to educate women on? Then you are invited to submit a proposal to be considered as a webinar facilitator Women’s Advancement Series.

Webinars are held every other month between September and May.

Examples of recommended webinar topics:

  • How to adjust in a social distancing world
  • Prioritizing self-care during stay-at-home and the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Budgeting tips and methods, along with useful budgeting help websites/apps
  • Working through “Imposter Syndrome”
  • Recognizing the “Bystander Effect” and learning how to intervene
  • Work-life and emotional balance
  • The effect of social media
  • How full is your bucket
  • Finding friends in your adult life
  • Cybersecurity
  • Moving to a new city and what no one tells you
  • Traveling on a budget to see the world
  • Skin, heart and/or overall health
  • How to best invest yourself in a cause you care about
  • Motherhood; you’re not alone
  • The environment, outdoors, and reducing your carbon footprint
  • How to create your own successful blog
  • Conflict management in all roles of life

Individuals selected to present a webinar will be provided a $100 honorarium following the event. One honorarium will be provided for each webinar, and it will be sent to the person who submitted the proposal.