alumnae dues

Membership in Alpha Sigma Alpha is a lifetime commitment, and annual alumnae dues encourages and provides alumnae sisters with an opportunity to reconnect and give back to Alpha Sigma Alpha while supporting important initiatives.

Help us continue to advance Alpha Sigma Alpha and develop women of poise and purpose.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are annual alumnae dues and what do they cover?

A: Annual alumnae dues are the national dues paid by Alpha Sigma Alpha alumnae. These dues allow the organization to provide a number of resources for our members. Here are some highlights of what your annual alumnae dues will support:

  • The creation and distribution of the Phoenix of Alpha Sigma Alpha
  • Alumnae programming: leadership training programs, conferences, speakers, etc.
  • Advanced technology including custom and direct alumnae communications
  • New chapter development and continued support for established chapters

In addition to supporting the above initiatives and more, you will receive other alumnae dues exclusive perks such as access to exclusive Crimson Collections merchandise and more!

Q: Didn’t I already pay a lifetime membership fee?

A: Depending on your year of initiation, you may have paid a “lifetime fee.” However, in order to sustain an operating budget for our entire membership, the national organization needs to count on alumnae to contribute to our operations.

Currently collegians, who make up 2% of our membership, contribute 70% of our operating budget. Alumnae, who make up 98% of our membership, contribute 2% of our operating budget.

Q: Will I still receive the Phoenix of Alpha Sigma Alpha Magazine if I do not pay my alumnae dues?

A: Yes, you will still continue to receive the Phoenix of Alpha Sigma Alpha

Q: How much are national alumnae dues?

A: $25 annually (Yes, that’s really it… $25 one time a year)

Q: Are annual alumnae dues tax deductible?

A: No, Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority is a 501(c) 7 organization which means membership fees cannot be used for tax deduction. Donations to the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation are tax deductible. Please visit the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation website to see the great work the Foundation is doing.

Q: I already give to the Foundation. How is this different?

A: Annual alumnae dues benefit the Sorority’s operating budget and are not meant to replace your generous donations to the many outstanding philanthropies, leadership training programs and scholarship and grants that the Foundation supports. We encourage you to continue donating to the Foundation, at whatever level you can. Together, a strong Sorority and Foundation are needed to create the dynamic, successful Alpha Sigma Alpha we all envision for the future.

Q: Are annual alumnae dues the same as paying local alumnae chapter dues?

A: No. Each alumnae chapter sets their own local dues and you will still be responsible for the amount of local dues if you belong to an alumnae chapter. Your local alumnae chapter dues do not financially support the Sorority.

Q: Are alumnae dues required?

A: While alumnae dues are not required, they are required for certain individuals. As stated in the “My commitment as an Alpha Sigma Alpha volunteer” standards, in order for an individual to volunteer for the organization, she must participate and support the alumnae dues program. It is also a requirement for alumnae or advisors who are the voting delegate for their alumnae or collegiate chapter at each national convention and leadership conference.

Q: Is there a deadline?

A: Yes! Alumnae dues must be paid by May 31- the end of our fiscal year. With annual alumnae dues for the 2019-20 fiscal year, you will have until May 31, 2020 to pay the annual alumnae dues.

Q: How can I pay my annual alumnae dues?

A: Paying national alumnae dues is easy!

  • You can pay by logging into MyAΣA and going to the Alumnae Dues tab
  • You can mail a check to national headquarters at:

Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority
9002 Vincennes Circle
Indianapolis, IN 46268

Q: I have additional questions. Whom may I contact?

A: Call the Director of Alumnae Engagement Vanessa David at (317) 871-2920 or email her at For more information on alumnae chapters in your area please visit the Alpha Sigma Alpha website.