Alpha Sigma Alpha forbids hazing

National Hazing Prevention Week is Sept. 18-22, 2017. National Hazing Prevention Week (NHPW) is an opportunity for campuses, communities, organizations and individuals to raise awareness about the problem of hazing, educate others about hazing, and promote the prevention of hazing.

Hazing has no place in Alpha Sigma Alpha and is excited to be participating in NHPW. The Sorority is committed to educating members on national policies and promoting awareness to prevent hazing.


Alpha Sigma Alpha forbids hazing.

Hazing is defined as an activity that endangers the physical safety of a person; procedures mental or physical discomfort; causes embarrassment, fright, humiliation, or ridicule; or degrades the individual — whether it is intentional or unintentional.

Alpha Sigma Alpha members will not allow themselves or others to be subjected to any treatment that debases the individual’s status or robs him or her of dignity. As hazing is both illegal and detrimental, it is the responsibility of each chapter’s members to enforce this anti-hazing policy, including but not limited to the discipline of those who violate the policy.

The national organization will investigate any report of hazing. Confirmation of such activity will be followed by disciplinary action such as termination of membership(s), chapter probation and/or chapter closure.

Each chapter will annually promote anti-hazing education programming.

Revised by the National Council 6/94, 4/96, Revised 1/06, Revised 2/10, Revised 1/16.


The Sorority supports the concept of equality and is committed to building a society where human judgments are based on merit. Alpha Sigma Alpha firmly repudiates actions and statements that negate the concepts of self-respect, personal development, equality and dignity.

Revised by the National Council 6/94, Revised 6/02.

Learn more about NHPW and what you can do to help prevent hazing by visiting the link below. Participate in NHPW by sharing Alpha Sigma Alpha’s posts and engaging in the conversation using the #NHPW hashtag and commenting below.


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