Alpha Sigma Alpha Forbids Hazing

National Hazing Prevention Week is Sept. 19-23, 2022. The theme for National Hazing Prevention Week (NHPW) for 2022 is STRONGER TOGETHER and focuses on the issues of mental health as it relates to hazing prevention.

Hazing has no place in Alpha Sigma Alpha and the Sorority is excited to be participating in NHPW. The Sorority is committed to educating members on national policies regarding hazing and to promoting awareness to prevent hazing.


Alpha Sigma Alpha forbids hazing.

The term “hazing” means any intentional, knowing, or reckless act committed by a person, whether individually or in concert with other persons, against any individual or group of individuals, regardless of affiliation, whether or not committed on chapter property, for the purpose of recruiting, joining, pledging, initiating, admitting, affiliating, or for the purpose of retaining membership in an organization that causes an individual or group of individuals to do any of the following, regardless of a person’s willingness to participate: 

  1. Be coerced to violate federal, state, provincial, local law, or organizational policy.
  2. Be coerced to consume any food, liquid, alcoholic liquid, drug, or other substance in any non-customary manner which subjects the individual or group of individuals to a substantial risk of emotional or physical harm which includes but not limited to sickness, vomiting, intoxication, or unconsciousness.
  3. Endure brutality of a physical nature, including but not limited to whipping, beating, paddling, branding, dangerous physical activity, or exposure to elements or endure threats of such conduct that results in mental or physical harm.
  4. Endure brutality of a mental nature, including but not limited to activity adversely affecting the mental health or dignity of the individual, sleep deprivation, exclusion from social contact or conduct that could result in extreme embarrassment or endure threats of such conduct that results in mental or physical harm.
  5. Endure any other activity which adversely affects the health and safety of an individual, including but not limited to the disruption of academic performance or class attendance, required designated driving programs, line ups, calisthenics, or personal, physical, or financial servitude.

The national organization will investigate any report of hazing. 

 Revised by the National Council 6/94, 4/96, Revised 1/06, Revised 2/10, Revised 1/16, Revised 1/20

Any report of hazing can be made directly to Alpha Sigma Alpha at 317-871-2920 or by email,

Any report of hazing can be made anonymously through Hazing Prevention.Org.

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