Agape and the four aims

Through my years in AΣA as a collegian and alumnae member, I found friendships that are centered on unconditional love. Agape means unconditional love in its purest form. I knew from the first conversations I had, I would be in these women’s lives forever. For example, my mentor when I first joined the sorority who welcomed me home has been a lifelong friend since the day I joined AΣA.

 Social aim:
Life is full of seasons. My first mentor from AΣA and I spent an endless amount of hours together talking through my leadership role on the executive board, venting about all the things, and everything in between. I got an internship dream of the lifetime and she drove all the way out to California with me. I wouldn’t have gone without her. She started accelerated nursing school shortly after and I started my full-time career while finishing my last semester in college. 

We understand each other’s busy seasons. Through all of these seasons, including COVID, we still have our relationship where the foundation is unconditional love. Now, I get to celebrate the best day of her life and stand by her side, among my other sorority sisters, in her wedding. Finding a balance in life, friendships, and almost everything goes back to agape. She is a true ruby in my life! When I think of her I think of agape. Unconditional love and loyalty.  

Intellectual aim:
In 2018 I did yoga teacher training. My teacher ended our final one-on-one saying I am a true student of life. Taking the seat of a student is natural for me. I am curious and like to ask questions. I do get bored easily, but when something gets my attention I can go down the rabbit hole learning for days. When I became a Christian, I applied my love of learning to my faith. I went from wanting to fix my own problems to letting go. I seek to strengthen my faith versus taking on the world by myself.

Spiritual aim:
AΣA showed me the true meaning of agape through building these relationships and through the spiritual aims and rituals. As a Christian, I now feel agape looking back on my time in the sorority before I was a Christian. As a Christian I view Agape as “the love of God for man and of man for God”.

By focusing on the spiritual aim in rituals and yoga teacher training, I knew how important it was to feel like home. Being in AΣA has always felt like home. Now, as a Christian I have a steadfast passion for Jesus that is unshakable. I know I have eternal life and that is the best gift and purest form of agape in my eyes. I look back and see so many planted seeds and special moments from these times in my collegiate years.

Physical aim:
I have had chronic pain all my life. I met so many women who truly listened to what I was going through and they understood. Some days I could barely get out of bed. I missed a lot of class, fall retreats, and so many special moments like my big sister’s baby shower. Through these times I honor where I’m at and through true agape shown by my sisters, I finally took my pain more seriously and fought to get answers.

Since the end of my collegiate years I have gotten answers to my chronic pain, found God, met true lifelong friends, and know how important it is to lean on those I love. Every day is a journey and I strive to live each day to its ultimate good.

Delaney Francis

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