We will be forward thinking, honor our heritage and value individuality. 
  • Guide members to live the Ritual of Alpha Sigma Alpha. 
  • Foster an environment that supports well-balanced, educated, healthy women. 
  • Inspire pride in Alpha Sigma Alpha. 


We will nurture a commitment to the Sorority and relationships among members.
  • Deliver meaningful experiences. 
  • Provide various opportunities for engagement in all phases of life. 
  • Utilize innovative strategies to connect members and enhance communication. 


We will broaden our influence through intentional growth. 
  • Maximize opportunities to increase membership and geographic presence. 
  • Identify and empower future leaders. 
  • Cultivate strategic partnerships to enrich the Sorority. 


We will affirm our relevance and positively affect society.
  • Embrace and promote the significance of the Alpha Sigma Alpha brand. 
  • Develop intellectual women and lifelong learners. 
  • Collaborate with campus and local communities.