Alpha Sigma Alpha DEI Statement

Alpha Sigma Alpha views diversity as the full range of identities, perspectives and experiences our members bring to the organization. The interplay between these differences and similarities creates the richness of our membership. We are committed to cultivating an inclusive environment where all members feel a sense of belonging. This is only achieved if members feel comfortable expressing every dimension of their authentic selves and trust they will be respected.

Prioritize Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – We need leadership and a committed effort to make Alpha Sigma Alpha more inclusive. A vision reminds us why the work is important and metrics keep us focused.

  • Conduct strategic planning through a DEI lens
  • Include DEI criteria for the establishment of new chapters- Began implementation in Fall 2020
  • Create a collegiate officer position that focuses on DEI – Created the position in Fall 2020
  • Acknowledge the native land our headquarters is built upon –Land acknowledgment statement posted at HQ and on the website Fall 2020
  • Conduct land acknowledgments at regional and national event

Culture – This work will require all members of Alpha Sigma Alpha working together to create a membership experience that facilitates an environment of trust and authenticity.

  • Share DEI initiatives and progress with the organization on a regular basis
  • Revise The Ritual of Alpha Sigma Alpha to be more welcoming to members of all faiths – Updated version published July 2020
  • Identify strategies for holding members accountable that are built upon on a culture of care
  • Increase accessibility for members of different abilities at the chapter and national level
  • Review collegiate and alumnae chapter events, operations and norms to address implicit biases
  • Assess membership fees for potential barriers to membership
  • Review the Foundation scholarship application process for potential barriers and implicit bias

Tell Our Story – The portrait of Alpha Sigma Alpha membership has changed over time and we have an incredible wealth of identities, stories and backgrounds to share and learn from our members.

  • Highlight the diversity of our membership on our national and chapter social media platforms
  • Review and update, as necessary, all marketing and recruitment materials to ensure equitable representation
  • Acknowledge and address prejudices in Alpha Sigma Alpha’s history
  • Engage in on-going facilitated conversations with the membership to understand structural racisms/isms, othering and exclusions which may have been naturally normalized in policies and practices

Recruit and Develop Diverse Talent – The success of Alpha Sigma Alpha is amplified when we engage with individuals who bring different perspectives to our sisterhood.

  • Review and assess the Membership Selection procedure for implicit bias
  • Identify recruitment strategies that create a sense of belonging
  • Continue to diversify our board of directors, staff and volunteer roles
  • Explore opportunities for DEI-focused leadership positions throughout the organization

Leadership Development – Growth and development allows members to reach their potential as women and leaders, especially when that learning is rooted in the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion.

  • Educate members on the use of individual pronouns
  • Normalize the use of pronouns by encouraging members to add pronouns to email signatures and other forms of communication
  • Define desired outcomes and identify education content and delivery for the following topics:
    – Appropriate Gendered Language
    – Social Justice and Equity (which includes color blindness, ability and socioeconomic differences)
    – Implicit Bias
    – Body Image & Sizeism
    – Leading with a DEI Lens

Alpha Sigma Alpha DEI Task Force

Alpha Sigma Alpha has appointed a task force comprised of four workgroups that focus on the different areas specific to the DEI Framework. Each workgroup has a leader working with a team of members to complete specific tasks.

The DEI Task Force is responsible for the following areas of work:
1. Learning & Development Workgroup
2. Historical Research & Documentation Workgroup
3. Membership Experience Workgroup
4. Membership Selection Workgroup