A Valentine’s Day message from the president

Dear sister,

Did you catch New York Life’s Super Bowl commercial, #LoveTakesAction? As I watched it and the word “agape” came across the screen, I instantly smiled as I thought of Alpha Sigma Alpha and my sorority sisters. I watched my social media feed fill with sisters commenting on the commercial, talking about explaining what apage love is to their friends and family. Alpha Sigma Alpha women know this kind of love. We talk about it in our ritual.

“Let this badge say to you, each day, each hour, that the glory of life is to love, not to be loved; to give, not to get; to serve, not to be served.

Agape love is intentional, unselfish love expressed in action. We see agape love all around us, through our members volunteering at their local soup kitchen or with Girls on the Run or Special Olympics. Agape love is on display through our alumnae serving in volunteer roles, giving their time and energy, expecting nothing in return. Our members show agape love when they listen, support and encourage one another. We show agape love when we work together, learning and growing and making a difference in the lives of each other, our sorority and our world. There are millions of ways that our members show agape love each and every day.

The world could use more agape love right now. On this February 14th, let us put our love into action and show someone what it means to be an Alpha Sigma Alpha woman. Show them agape love and together we will continue to make a difference in the world.

Kelly McGinnis Beck, EK
National President

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