8 ways to bond with new friends without the $15 cocktails

When you’re in college and part of Alpha Sigma Alpha, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll find someone to connect with. Our sorority has eight core values that bring like-minded woman together during recruitment. There’s something for everyone in Alpha Sigma Alpha, which makes the whole making friends process of college easier than really any other time in life. We can probably all think of a best friend that we met during our time in college.

But what happens after college? The thought of being with, living with and staying near your best friends is wonderful, but how often does it happen? Seniors are probably going through this thought now- I know I did. The fact of the matter is you may not be as near to your sisters as you may have hoped. Some, including myself, may move to completely different states, hundreds of miles away from your chapter sisters and friends.

This doesn’t have to be as scary as it seems. One of the best things Alpha Sigma Alpha teaches us is to embrace change and welcome others into our lives. With the help of “8 ways to bond with new friends without the 15 cocktails,” making friends in a new city doesn’t have to be as intimating as you’d think, and it doesn’t have to cost that much either.

Swapna Namburi, ΒΥ

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