7 podcasts that will help you find your passion

Are you living with passion and purpose? As the founder of the Do What You Love Foundation and a professor of business psychology, I am often asked how I have so much joy in my life. My work and life appear to be effortless and bring me abundant happiness. Believe me, problems are not absent from my life but I have developed a clear intention, purpose, and direction for my life.

My purpose has developed through learning about how I work and live my life. Whether I am taking a bicycle ride for mindfulness, giving a presentation or taking a photograph, I cultivate purpose and joy by looking within for answers. I ask myself to consider how I can use my strengths to best serve others.

It is not always easy to find and follow your passion but taking the time to learn more is a great start.

Maria Malayter, Ph.D., ΧΧ

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One response to “7 podcasts that will help you find your passion”

  1. Christine B. says:

    Good suggestions. I am addicted to podcasts. I drive a lot for work and they are easy to listen to and continue the learning journey. This American Life and Casefile are my favorites. I also love the Ted talks on some subjects.

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