6 reasons to download MobileServe today

MobileServe, Alpha Sigma Alpha’s new app, gives alumnae and collegians the ability to immediately and effectively track the time they spent providing service and charitable giving to causes and organizations that matter to them the most.

As an organization whose mission includes emphasizing intellectual, physical, social and spiritual development by providing opportunities through leadership and service, Alpha Sigma Alpha is thrilled to give this free resource to our members.

Haven’t downloaded the app yet? Here are six reasons why should download it today.

Reason 1

If you download and access MobileServe by Dec. 31, you will be entered into a drawing to receive one of four $25 Amazon.com gift cards.

Winners will be notified in early January.

Did you know…that more than 40% of alumnae said that they want more online accessible alumnae resources? Source: Alumnae Survey 2015

Reason 2

You are volunteering already, but if you were asked how many hours you volunteer each month or year could you give an accurate response? For many people, this question would lead to a guesstimation.

We know that our members prefer to share their contributions with integrity. MobileServe helps with this as it compiles all of your personal hours and allows you to see your weekly, monthly or annual contributions.

Did you know…that since launching MobileServe to alumnae members last week, alumnae have recorded more than 230 service hours?

Reason 3

Some day you may need to apply for a new job. A variety of professions have shown an increased interest in what their employees are doing beyond the walls of their office as active members of their community.

MobleServe allows you to keep track of your hours (both service and charitable giving experiences) and the types of organizations you volunteer for. Therefore you can easily update and compile this information for resumes, interviews and job promotions.

Did you know….that you can add notes in MobileServe for each of your service opportunities so you can keep track of exactly what skills or experiences you gained by serving?

Reason 4

You’ve asked and we’ve answered. Alumnae are frequently sharing the desire for additional resources that are beneficial to the post-college experience. Alpha Sigma Alpha’s know that the expectations for service do not end after graduation, however, often increase as alumnae learn of volunteer needs at their local schools, places of worship, communities, and local nonprofit organizations.

MobileServe gives you the opportunity to demonstrate the service and giving spirit that continues throughout your lifetime membership in Alpha Sigma Alpha.

Did you know…that 34 different causes have been recorded in MobileServe since it launched last week?

Reason 5

To give credit where credit is due.

Alpha Sigma Alphas are giving back to their community, but we have limited knowledge or record of these contributions unless a friend or sister shares it publicly.

MobileServe will be used to help celebrate these contributions to the network of Alpha Sigma Alpha members. It can also be used in our process of recognizing alumnae award recipients for service and giving.

Did you know…that MobileServe is FREE for all members?

Reason 6

Alumnae are called to serve through our Ritual.
“….give of yourself freely….It is the lesson that will be found of value long after the members have left their college days behind.”

Did you know…by using MobileServe, you are a role model by seamlessly demonstrating lifetime membership to collegians?

Now what?


Download the app using the link sent to you via email on Dec. 1.


Request link



Search “MobileServe” in Apple App Store or Google Play, download, and insert the exclusive alumnae access code sent to you on Dec. 10.



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  1. Connie S. says:

    Love the MobileServe app. It is so easy to use. I can log things as I am doing them instead of hoping I remember to write it down.

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