Six questions to ask in every job interview

Since 2012, it has been estimated that Millennials will work 12-15 jobs. If you think about it, that means you will have a bare minimum of 12-15 job interviews. For each job interview, it is recommended you prepare 3-5 questions to ask the potential employer. That sounds like a lot of questions to prepare if you ask me. Luckily, the article below discusses some key questions (outside of the obvious ones you can answer by looking at the company website) you should be asking during an interview.

When preparing for an interview I like to reflect on what I value at a place of employment. I always ask about the office culture because for me it is a critical factor as I’m spending eight hours, five days a week in that environment.

As someone who works in a university career center, I advise students all the time to ask more in-depth questions during interviews. Doing this shows you have done research and are truly interested in the company and will speak volumes to your interviewer. In addition, I recommend anyone job searching to contact your college/university career center. Most institutions offer career services to alumnae so utilize them. Good luck!

Brittany Ankeny-Dooley, BΣ

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