3 Things to Share with PNMs Right Now

Now more than ever, it is important to talk to potential new members (PNMs) and encourage them to join a sorority. But how do we do that with so many recruitment rules in our way? Many of us have spent months, if not years trying to memorize recruitment rules so we don’t say or do something wrong. It becomes overwhelming and makes recruitment and marketing more difficult.

That’s why the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) has recently updated two very important policies that allow us to connect to PNMs – Positive Panhellenic Contact and Promoting the Sorority Experience policies. These policies allow us to talk to all students – incoming and current – to encourage them to join a sorority as long as we do so in a way that promotes the Panhellenic community as a whole.

These policies supersede any misaligned College Panhellenic rules. If you believe your college Panhellenic recruitment rules are misaligned with these national policies, please contact your region Panhellenic liaison for support.

Now that we have permission to talk to PNMs, we should be doing so! Here are three things you should share with PNMs right now:

1. Information about recruitment
Formal recruitment can be overwhelming to potential new members and you can be someone to help them make sense of the process! Put yourself in their shoes and think about the questions they might be asking… How do I get to the meeting place? Will there be access to drinking fountains or should I plan to bring my water bottle? My friend told me about recruitment by I don’t know how to find the sign-up.

Then share that information. Here are some ideas:

  • Get on Instagram Live and do a walkthrough of the building so they know where to go when they arrive
  • Post a screenshot of the campus map, circle the building and map out the walk there from common residence halls
  • Share the recruitment sign-up link – a lot! Make sure the registration link is in our social media bios, use the swipe up feature or even screen record how to access the form and complete it.
  • Text/DM the women you know are registered and ask them how you can support them in getting ready for recruitment

2. Expectations of membership including finances, academics and participation
Round one of formal recruitment is typically for sharing basic information about the sorority, but you can take it to the next level. Share it on your social media NOW so round one can be an opportunity for connection instead.

Here are some ideas:

  • Post a breakdown of membership dues including how much new member and initiate fees are and what that money goes toward
  • Host Q&A sessions via Instagram story. Reach out to registered women and let them know you will be doing this so they can participate.
  • Ask your scholarship chairman to explain how being in a sorority can support a member’s academic success

3. Benefits of membership including friendships, career development and social skills
We know that a sorority is a place for women to connect, support one another and build skills for the future – so let’s tell PNMs that! What is the thing you love the most about being a sorority woman? How has being a sorority woman changed your life? What skills have you learned as a sorority woman that will help you throughout your life? These answers sum up the benefits of being in a sorority.

Here are some ideas of how to share:

  • Ask members to record a 20-30 second clip answering one of the prompts above and share it as a highlight Instagram story
  • Host an Instagram Live with an alumnae member asking how sorority has benefitted them throughout their lifetime
  • Use post captions to tell a story by quoting members
  • Text/DM women registered for recruitment and start a conversation about what they are wanting of their college experience

So DM those incoming students, text the neighborhood friend you know who’s going to your school and make yourself and the information you have accessible to PNMs. That is how you promote the sorority experience in a positive Panhellenic way!

Do you know a student attending a school with an Alpha Sigma Alpha Chapter? Let us know! Completed this referral form to introduce a chapter to a PNM on their campus.

How has sorority made an impact on your life? Get ready to share your story for Join a Sorority Week, July 12-16 by tagging @AlphaSigmaAlpha and #JoinASorority.

Jen Akright, HH
Collegiate Recruitment Coordinator

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