10 surprising benefits of journaling

“Dear diary, I had a good day at school today. I went to math class and sat beside my friend Janae. We went to lunch and had gross school food then went to recess. A boy in my class named John Doe talked to me. He is super cute. Today was a good day.”

I don’t know about you, but back in my younger years diary entries like this were sacred. They were only to be found in my Lisa Frank padlocked diary and were for my eyes only.

It is funny to look back and see how protective I was over that diary. However, taking a step back I realize that little diary was my outlet. It was how I expressed my thoughts, how I cleared my mind, where I planned my future and where I simply doodled.

Although I immediately think of these diary entries when I hear the word “journaling” the concept is so much greater than that. It turns out that my childhood diary may have played a role in shaping the person I am today, specifically improving my communication skills. Check out the article below to discover some surprising ways you too, may benefit from journaling. After reading let us know what benefits you have seen transpire from keeping a journal in the comments below.

Hailey Harrison, BN


3 responses to “10 surprising benefits of journaling”

  1. Kiley W. says:

    I couldn’t agree more with some of the points of this article. I don’t regularly journal, but in high school when I went on a trip to Europe we were required to journal every day of our trip about what we did that day. Looking back on that journal is one of my favorite little things to do because it brings back all the little details of the trip. During the time it brought out my creative side and really improved my self-confidence – you could really see the shift in my writing at the end of the month. I think journaling is something I want to try to bring into my daily life as I think its a great way to get in tune with yourself and even just gives you the opportunity to have some “me time”.

  2. Katherine A. says:

    I am not consistent with my journalling (maybe I need to work on the discipline piece), but I find it really helpful in times of stress and/or conflict. I think journaling is often a good way to organize your thoughts before having a difficult conversation. I also use journaling when I feel overwhelmed. I start with venting and then move in to a plan of action to get through the next few days/weeks/whatever.

  3. Sherrie C. says:

    I was really happy to read, in this article, that there is evidence that journaling can help heal the body. Stress, and how we deal with it, plays such an important role in our over-all health. I’ve returned to journaling quite regularly since I’ve begun my Certified Yoga Instructor course. It has been a very beneficial tool for me.

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