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ΑΣΑ News


  • Volunteer openings - November 2014

    Alpha Sigma Alpha is currently recruiting for the following volunteer positions:
  • Two chapters celebrate centennial anniversary

    Founders' Day weekend will bring more than a celebration of the legacy of the five vivacious women who began Alpha Sigma Alpha 113 years ago.
  • Founders' Day 2014

    Agape love is the unconditional love that is shared when you expect nothing in return. It’s the kind of love that has no strings attached. It is the love that is not deserved but still granted by the other person; a love that is made up of humility, patience, generosity and unselfishness. Agape love is the willingness to help make the other person better
  • Alumnae chapter reestablished in New York City

    The National Council of Alpha Sigma Alpha is pleased to announce the reestablishment of the New York City Metropolitan Alumnae Chapter. The alumnae chapter officially chartered in September 2014.
  • Colony to be established at Colorado Mesa University

    Alpha Sigma Alpha is excited to announce that it will be establishing a colony at Colorado Mesa University in spring 2015.
  • Volunteer openings - October 2014

    Alpha Sigma Alpha is currently accepting interest forms for the following volunteer positions:

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