District Day 2014-15

Attend District Day 2014-15, where Alpha Sigma Alphas come together as an energizing influence

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    Sisters. Your everyday motivation to #joyouslylive. #GFM
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    Have a beautiful weekend Alpha Sigma Alpha, and good luck to all our chapters who are meeting potential new members in recruitment talking…
  • 811591486449855930_280896226
    National headquarters is #NowHiring for the alumnae engagement coordinator! Passionate and talented individuals are encouraged to apply!…
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    Alpha Sigma Alpha is so excited to cheer on two of our sisters, Miss Alaska Malie Delgado and Miss Kansas Amanda Sasek, in the #MissAmerica…
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    Collegians! Applications for the 2015 service immersion experience will be available THIS Sunday, Sept. 14. Search "service immersion" on…

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AΣA2014 - 2012-14 Service and Giving

AΣA2014 - 2012-14 Service and Giving

AΣALive! presented at the 2014 National Convention

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  • National headquarters building to expand

    Alpha Sigma Alpha announces the expansion of the Alpha Sigma Alpha National Headquarters facility.

    The expansion will comprise of staff offices, leadership consultant office space, additional meeting space and storage. The 1,500 square foot addition will create an efficient work area while also allowing room for growth.
  • Jakey Dobbs hired as volunteer coordinator

    Alpha Sigma Alpha National Headquarters, Indianapolis – Alpha Sigma Alpha announces the employment of Jakey Dobbs, HH, as volunteer coordinator for national headquarters effective Sept. 22, 2014.