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Annual Report 2013-14

Alpha Sigma Alphas showing you how we develop women of poise and purpose!

District Day 2014-15

Attend District Day 2014-15, where Alpha Sigma Alphas come together as an energizing influence

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    Get your hands on the Crimson Collections Catch of the Week! Go to our Facebook fan page to LIKE and SHARE the image for your chance to win…
  • 926895838768344760_280896226
    Are you among the missing? Help us find 27,000 missing sisters by searching the missing sisters document on All…
  • 925566311735700816_280896226
    **NEW SISTERS ALERT** Zeta Lambda, Rowan University, NJ, welcomed 33 new members to the chapter today! Welcome home ladybugs! #joyouslylive
  • 924045564974411358_280896226
    As the new headquarters expansion finishes up, we are so excited to add new decor and features that celebrate our organization to the…
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    Applications for Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation scholarships are due March 6, 2015. Finish yours! Go to and SEARCH…

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AΣA2014 - 2012-14 Service and Giving

AΣA2014 - 2012-14 Service and Giving

AΣALive! presented at the 2014 National Convention

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  • Gamma Omega Chapter raises $1,600 for Special Olympics

    It's Polar Plunge season, which means members and chapters of Alpha Sigma Alpha from Alaska, Texas, Virginia and beyond prepare and support fundraising efforts of this freezing event.
  • My Love Letter to Alpha Sigma Alpha

    There are more than 150 million Valentine’s Day cards exchanged each year. This year I, too, will exchange a handful myself.

    However, Valentine’s Day is special to Alpha Sigma Alpha women because we celebrate our exemplar, St. Valentine, and the bond of sisterhood: